Vineyard & Winery | Ditchling, East Sussex, England.

‘Joan darling, I am so sorry I can’t come to see you, I’ve sent you a bottle of my favourite Sparkling. It will be with you tomorrow, and I’ve included a rather clever closure so it will keep fresh for another evening’

‘Oh that is so kind Mary — I’ll call you tomorrow about six, we can have a glass together and have a real catch up. Be like old times!’

‘Hello Mary this is Jack, Joan’s youngest. How are you? Mum absolutely loved the wine and chatting to you really cheered her up. She’s asked me to get her some more.’

‘Oh Jack it is lovely to hear your voice, do you know the last time I saw you, you were on a tricycle! It’s always fun to talk to your mother, gosh she made short work of that Sparkling Wine. Do you know Jack, I think you should buy her 6 half-bottles.’

‘Well I don’t know Mary, I don’t do things by halves.’

‘Very well dear, but don’t forget to call your mother again soon.’

‘Joan Darling, I had a lovely chat with Jack, I can’t believe how grown up he has become, I kept thinking I was talking to his father; how is dear Arthur? I am so sorry I forgot to ask last week...’

‘Oh don’t worry dear, I forget about him all the time; he disappears into his greenhouse, I can’t think what he does all day. But there’s one thing you can rely on Arthur for...’

‘What’s that darling?’

‘On the dot of 6 o’clock he will be back in the house!’

‘Time for a little something?’

‘Thanks Arthur dear, be with you in a minute, just talking to Mary...’


‘Oh, hello Jack dear, it’s funny you should call now, I was just about to call you; to ask if you were enjoying working from home’

‘Well I don’t miss commuting, one bit. Actually I was a bit lonely, there’s usually such a great atmosphere in the studio, but I get everything done… and Mum? Did you manage to ask Dad about that matter we were discussing?’

‘I am sorry dear you are going to have to talk to your father about it; oh hang on Jack, I can hear him coming in from the garden…’ — ‘Arthur dear, have a word with your son, won’t you?’

‘I’m a bit busy, tell him I’ll call tomorrow’

‘Oh dear, sometimes I think you two are avoiding each other, it is so important to keep in touch…’

‘Do you know, this is the first time Joan and I have been alone at Easter for 45 years, but I managed to call my children and I had a long talk with Jack; in fact I’m expecting a call from him just as soon as he’s checked his bank balance.’

‘Dad, that is so generous of you; it will make all the difference. As soon as we get back to normal, I should be able to make an offer’

‘That’s OK Jack, I guess that’s what Dads are for, but I’ll need to find a way to square things with your sisters.’

‘Joan dear, I’ve spoken to Jack…’

‘I know, I know! He just called. He is so excited. Do you think he’s serious about that girl?’

‘Not a clue, we talked mainly about football, and that flat he’s got his eye on. Joan you were right, it is important to keep in touch, but on this occasion a bit expensive!’

‘Just been talking to Mary, she has got the swallows back!’

‘That’s good, but look what I saw on the way back from the greenhouse’

‘Oh Arthur, now I think spring has really arrived, why don’t you pour us both a drink!’

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