Court Gardens Farm

Orchard Lane Ditchling East Sussex BN6 8TH UK

Hansel & Gretel
Englebert Humperdinck

November 2017

The 2017 season closed with two charming performances of Hansel and Gretel, the audiences delighted in the beautiful singing and lovely music by Humperdinck, and as always enriched by the hilarious captions which have become a Pop–up trademark.

Composed by Englebert Humperdinck in 1893 and based on the Fairy Tale by the Grimm brothers. Magical and dark, this is perhaps the most popular operatic fairy tale of them all. Brother and sister Hansel & Gretel are drawn into the idyllic yet dangerous world of the forest, where they encounter the Sandman, the Dew Fairy and, most frightening of all, the Witch.

In the dizzying excitement of the Witch’s Ride and the serene beauty of the children’s evening prayer, Humperdinck’s music magically evokes the contrasting worlds of the story. A story that enchants and thrills, a wintry delight.